If you have navigated to the AMBA NSW page you are probably expecting/already have or know of someone with multiples. The journey of raising multiples is rewarding although it can be quite difficult at times, and this is where Multiple Birth Clubs can be invaluable to you. Multiple Birth Clubs can offer you support in the form of advice and companionship through to practical help such as by providing buddies or by hiring out equipment. Support isn't just limited to baby and toddler multiples, with clubs also catering to school aged multiples and beyond.

Children and parents form lifelong friendships through Multiple Birth Clubs and children feel like they fit in as everyone is a multiple!

This website is designed to provide information on the AMBA Affiliated Multiple Birth Clubs which are located in NSW and the ACT and to provide information to assist you in feeling connected to the wider Multiple Birth Community.

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Do you want FREE* HUGGIES®?

Join an AMBA club and receive a FREE* convenience case of HUGGIES® Newborn or Infant Nappies valued at $40, delivered to your door!

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Why Our Clubs Are Great!

Have you been thinking of joining a Multiple Birth Club but you aren't sure what to expect? There are a number of services our clubs provide which can really help you whether you have babies, toddlers or school aged multiples.

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